Aggressive Criminal Defense When You Need It

Handling Your Criminal Charges Assertively And Effectively

An arrest on a criminal charge in Minnesota is more than an inconvenience or an embarrassment. A misdemeanor or felony charge can turn your life upside down. You could lose your right to drive, own a gun or even vote if you are convicted on certain charges. You could lose your freedom to a jail term. Your community or professional reputation could be permanently damaged.

At Oleisky & Oleisky, P.A., we can fight aggressively for your best interests in court because we do our homework before trial. Each of our lawyers has more than 20 years of experience in criminal defense representation and it is the only thing our firm does. We will evaluate the evidence and the circumstances of your charge and work with you to develop a defense strategy designed to meet your goals. We can help you understand what your criminal charge means and how the law impacts your individual case.

Experienced In A Broad Spectrum Of Defense Cases

Our firm’s long track record in criminal defense work means we have successfully defended clients facing many types of charges. No matter the severity of your charge, we will handle your case personally, respond to you promptly and work for the best outcome possible. Cases we see regularly at our office include:

  • Drug offenses
  • Criminal sex offenses
  • Traffic violations (misdemeanors)
  • Theft/robbery
  • Violent crimes such as assault

If you are seeking to clear your permanent record, we can also help you with the state’s expungement process.

Oleisky & Oleisky, P.A.’s brother-sister team has been recognized for its excellence as defense counsel. They have been named Super Lawyers by Minnesota Law And Politics magazine and are members of the Minnesota Society for Criminal Justice, an elite invitation-only organization.

Your Freedom Matters – We Fight For It

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